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"While Chameleon Theatre Circle normally puts on a good show, this one is a cut above normal, starting with the thrilling rendition of the opening number “Science Fiction/Double Feature” by Nicole Korbisch (Magenta). Nicole is the show’s vocal star, a powerhouse singer who grabs attention and doesn’t it let it go until well after the music has died away."  ~ Twin Cities Arts Reader

The Rocky Horror Show

"The vocal stars of this show are Stole and Nicole Korbisch (playing Paula Abagnale), whose moving performance underlays the key Act I finale quartet “My Favorite Time of Year.” ~ Twin Cities Arts Reader

Catch Me If You Can

"This was one of the best performances I have ever seen, and I have seen a lot of theater." ~Rhonda Myrmel's Event Journal

Jesus Christ Superstar

"There’s something really funny about a frat-boy opera; college life holds enough drama that it does actually work as material for an opera, even though the show is meant to be a satire. And not to mention, the singers are wonderfully talented opera singers." ~ Twin Cities Daily Planet

The Frat Party

"Great family show. We felt it was heartwarming with great singing. Great voices, especially Fido, Billie (Korbisch) and Slinky. A fantastic way to raise awareness and bring compassion for man's best friend." ~ Minnesota Fringe

The Pound: A Musical For The Dogs

"Some standout elements of the production include the hilarious Bad Idea Bears (Nicole Korbisch and Chris Unger)." ~ Twin Cities Arts Reader

Avenue Q

"The success of this staging is matched by the quality of the singers." ~ Twin Cities Arts Reader


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